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Table 1 Mean estimate and associated variance of the main life history traits of H. contortus

From: Meta-analysis of the parasitic phase traits of Haemonchus contortus infection in sheep

  Larval establishment (E) Adult mortality (μ) Female fertility (F) Population level fecundity (f)
Definition Proportion of ingested larvae that develop into immature or adult worms Proportion of adult worms that die per day Mean number of eggs laid in sheep faeces by an adult female per day Mean number of eggs counted per gram of faeces
Mean estimate \( \frac{WB}{ID} \) \( \frac{- ln\left(\frac{WB}{ID}\right)}{t} \) \( \frac{ F E{ C}_n\ast DFP}{WB\ast {F}_p} \) FEC n
Variance \( \frac{SE{(WB)}^2}{I{ D}^2} \) \( \frac{SE{(WB)}^2}{{\left( t\ast WB\right)}^2} \) \( \frac{DF{ P}^2}{F_p^2}\ast \frac{ F E{C_n}^2}{W{ B}^2}\ast \left(\frac{SE{\left( FE{C}_n\right)}^2}{ F E{C_n}^2}+\frac{SE{(WB)}^2}{W{ B}^2}\right) \) SE (FEC n )
  1. Abbreviations: WB Worm burden, ID Infection dose, t days after infection, FEC n Faecal egg count at necropsy, DFP Daily faeces production, F p , proportion of female worms, SE Standard error