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Fig. 3 | Parasites & Vectors

Fig. 3

From: Temporal genetic changes in Plasmodium vivax apical membrane antigen 1 over 19 years of transmission in southern Mexico

Fig. 3

Temporal haplotype network of P. vivax ama1 I-II in southern Mexico. a The master network for the entire period (1993–2011). b Haplotype networks in a structure of six layers; the master network was used as a template and each layer represented a three-year period. Each color corresponds to a haplotype (H1-H15) and the size of the ovals is proportional to the number of isolates which share the same haplotype (except for H1 and H8; 0.5 magnification). Solid lines connect the haplotypes; black dots represent the number of mutational steps between haplotypes (including those sampled or extinct). Only the haplotypes detected in each time layer are shown in color

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