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Fig. 2

From: Biting midges (Ceratopogonidae) as vectors of avian trypanosomes

Fig. 2

Light microscopy of trypanosome morphotypes in biting midges gut, Giemsa stained (a-h) and live (i, j). Trypomastigotes of T. bennetti (s.l.) strain PAS 23 (a, b), and T. bennetti (s.s.) strain APO7 (c, i); rosettes of haptomonads (d) and haptomonads with long cytoplasmic protrusions (e, j), individual haptomonads (f, g), all APO7; metacyclic trypomastigotes of T. avium BUT15 (h). Bright-field (a-h), differential interference contrast (i, j). Scale-bars: 10 μm

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