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Table 1 Characteristics of patients with neurocysticercosis (NCC) (cyst viability, cyst number) and other subjects (subjects determined to be negative for NCC and subjects with other infections) whose serum samples were used to determine NCC recombinant antigen sensitivity and specificity by western blot, ELISA and MBA

From: Comparison of T24H-his, GST-T24H and GST-Ts8B2 recombinant antigens in western blot, ELISA and multiplex bead-based assay for diagnosis of neurocysticercosis

Sera categories Total number of sera
NCC cases (viable/non-viable) (Set 1)  
 One viable cyst 26
 Two or more viable cysts 77
 Only calcified (non-viable) cysts 46
Total 149
Subjects negative for NCC (Set 2) 131
Subjects with other infections (Set 3)  
 Hydatid echinococcosis 11
 Alveolar echinococcosis 1
 Strongyloidiasis 9
 Schistosomiasis 9
 Malaria 1
 Toxoplasmosis 2
 Trichinellosis 4
 Filariosis 3
Total other parasites 40