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Fig. 3

From: Wing morphometrics as a tool in species identification of forensically important blow flies of Thailand

Fig. 3

Boxplot showing centroid size of wings for each blow fly species; non-overlapping letters indicate a statistically significant difference (Mann-Whitney U-test, P < 0.0008). Abbreviations: CC, Ch. chani; CM, Ch. megacephala; CN, Ch. nigripes; CP, Ch. pinguis; CR, Ch. rufifacies; CV, Ch. villeneuvi; LC, L. cuprina; LPA, L. papuensis: LPO, L. porphyrina; LS, L. sinensis; HL, He. ligurriens; HP, He. pulchra. Each box shows the median as a vertical line across the middle, the quartiles (25th and 75th percentiles) at its ends, horizontal lines out the box indicate minimum and maximum, and outlier data are plotted as black circles

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