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Table 1 Sources of variation in Kato-Katz (KK) and qPCR measurement of helminth eggs in stool

From: Sources of variability in the measurement of Ascaris lumbricoides infection intensity by Kato-Katz and qPCR

  Kato-Katz qPCR
Biological Worm burden of host and per-worm egg output [49, 53, 54]; Stool volume and consistency [55, 56]; Egg clumping [21, 22, 57] Same as shown at left for KK
Technical Slide readability, technician’s skill [20, 56]; Degradation of eggs on slide over time (particularly important for hookworms) [22, 58, 59] Efficiency of DNA extraction [26, 27]; Pipetting error [28]; Target and primer DNA sequences [24]; Reaction conditions