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Table 5 Correlations between cow and calf ELISA ratios (two-tailed Spearman’s correlation)

From: Transplacental transmission of Theileria orientalis occurs at a low rate in field-affected cattle: infection in utero does not appear to be a major cause of abortion

Herd Sampling time point Correlation between Spearman’s rho P-value
1 TP1 Pre-parturient cow/calf at birth 0.26 > 0.05
2 TP1 Pre-parturient cow/calf at birth 0.06 > 0.05
3 TP2 Cow/calf at birth 0.50 0.01
  1. Abbreviations: TP1 Time point 1 (approximately 5 weeks pre-calving), TP2 Time point 2 (within 48 h post-partum)