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Fig. 2

From: Genetic variation of mitochondrial genes among Echinococcus multilocularis isolates collected in western China

Fig. 2

Neighbor-joining haplotype tree and parsimony network of E. multilocularis nad2. a Variation of nad2 sequences isolated from AE patients and rodents from China. b Phylogenetic tree from NJ analysis. Values on the nodes are bootstrap proportions (%). The scale-bar represents a divergence of 0.0005. c Parsimony network for nad2 combined with the sequences of E. multilocularis from the GenBank database. The circular icon represents a clade, and the small triangle icon represents a single base difference. NA1-3 represent 3 nad2 haplotypes. Liver samples were collected from AE patients from China including provinces of Qinghai (QH), Gansu (GS), Sichuan (SC), Xinjiang (XJ) with counties Wuqia County (WQ), Nileke County (NLK), Zhaosu County (ZS), Xinyuan County (XY), and Huocheng County (HC). Three isolates were collected from Microtus (Mictus1-3) in Yili valley in Xinjiang

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