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Table 1 Model parameters of the simulation model

From: The past matters: estimating intrinsic hookworm transmission intensity in areas with past mass drug administration to control lymphatic filariasis

Model parameter description Value
Aggregation of parasites in hosts k = 0.35 [28]
Relative exposure and contribution to the reservoir (assuming no difference between males and females) 0–15 years old: 0.12; 15–25 years old: 1; 25+ years: 0.07 [28]
Average worm lifespan 2 years (assuming an exponential distribution) [20]
Female worm fecundity γ = 0.02 (assuming exponential saturation) [28]
Survival of infective material in the environmental reservoir mean = 12 days (exponential survival) [20]
Drug efficacy 0.940 for albendazole [37]