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Fig. 3

From: The use of kDNA minicircle subclass relative abundance to differentiate between Leishmania (L.) infantum and Leishmania (L.) amazonensis

Fig. 3

Tm values distribution of qPCR-ML amplicons of L. (L.) amazonensis and L. (L.) infantum with single melting peak. a Box-and-whisker plot is representing qPCR-ML amplicons Tm distribution. The chart shows the distribution of data into quartiles, the smallest and the largest observation, and the mean (x). No outliers were identified. b Examples of overlapping melting curves obtained from L. (L.) amazonensis MHOM/BR/00/LTB0016 (Tm 84.10–84.15 °C) (upper panel) and L. (L.) infantum MHOM/IT/86/ISS218 (Tm 84.15–84.20 °C), clinical isolate 791 (Tm 84.10–84.15 °C), clinical isolate 10816 (Tm 83.93 °C) (lower panel). These melting curves, showed in duplicates, represent an example of lack of discrimination between L. (L.) infantum and L. (L.) amazonensis

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