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Table 2 Tm comparison of L. (L.) amazonensis and L. (L.) infantum amplicons showing a single HRM peak

From: The use of kDNA minicircle subclass relative abundance to differentiate between Leishmania (L.) infantum and Leishmania (L.) amazonensis

  Number of replicates Tm Mean ± SD (SE) D’Agostino & Pearson omnibus normality test Unpaired t-test with Welch’s correction
K2 P-value P-value
L. (L.) amazonensis 16 83.91 ± 0.20 (0.05) 0.1456 0.93 < 0.001
L. (L.) infantum 114 84.44 ± 0.36 (0.03) 1.28 0.53
  1. Abbreviations: T m high resolution melting temperature, SD standard deviation, SE standard error