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Fig. 1

From: Characterising PvRBSA: an exclusive protein from Plasmodium species infecting reticulocytes

Fig. 1

PvRBSA characterisation in the P. vivax VCG-I strain. a pvrbsa gene presence and transcription in schizonts. Lane 1 indicates the molecular weight pattern. Lanes 2 to 4 show gene amplification using gDNA, cDNA-RT- and cDNA-RT+, respectively. b In silico characterisation of PvRBSA. The diagram shows signal peptide, repeat region (RR) and transmembrane zone (TZ) location. The peptides selected for rabbit immunisation are highlighted in blue (peptide 39478) and red (peptide 39480) lines. The recombinant protein region expressed is shown by a black line. c Recognition of PvRBSA in parasite lysate. Lane 1 indicates the molecular weight (MW) marker. Lanes 2 and 3 show recognition of the protein using pre-immune and hyper-immune sera, respectively. d Sub-cellular location of PvRBSA in schizonts. The images show recognition of PvRBSA (green), PvRON2 (red) and the nuclei (blue). Scale-bar: 1 μm

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