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Fig. 4

From: Environmental temperature variation influences fitness trade-offs and tolerance in a fish-tapeworm association

Fig. 4

Two-way interactions explaining variation in head kidney leukocyte (HKL) numbers. a The significant interaction (F (1,162) = 7.86, P = 0.006) between host infection status (sham-exposed (sham) or exposed but not infected (exposed)) and experimental temperature (13 or 24 °C). b The significant interaction (F (1,282) = 14.32, P < 0.001) between host infection status (exposed but not infected or infected) and host origin (cold or warm). Means ± SE are model-predictions from Box-Cox transformed data and not congruent with the values from Fig. 1c. For P-values of post-hoc comparisons between groups see Additional file 1: Table S2

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