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Fig. 1

From: Immunolocation and enzyme activity analysis of Cryptosporidium parvum enolase

Fig. 1

Alignment of amino acid sequence of CpEno and other species. The GenBank Accession nos. of these species are as follows: C. parvum (XM_626138), C. muris (XM_002139230), E. tenella (AF353515), T. gondii ENO2 (AY155668), T. annulata (HQ646253), N. caninum (XM_003883950), P. falciparum (U00152), A. thaliana (AF424603) and Human gamma-2 enolase (M22349). Similar to A. thaliana, a plant-like five-amino-acid sequence was present in apicomplexan parasites (shown in the red box) and was not found in the human sequence. The Mg2+ binding motifs are shown in a blue box, substrate-binding motifs are shown in a green box, plasminogen binding motifs are shown in a black box, and the enolase signature is underlined in red

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