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Fig. 4 | Parasites & Vectors

Fig. 4

From: Changes in the neuropeptide content of Biomphalaria ganglia nervous system following Schistosoma infection

Fig. 4

Sequences and MS/MS fragmentation spectra of three novel neuropeptides in B. glabrata CNS as determined by ESI-TripleTOF: Bg-NP_novel_4 - AQETINFGNQQNKPRVLA m/z 676.70, y2-y16 was detected, relatively abundant compared to the incomplete b-ion series b2-b5; Bg-NP_novel_5 - LAQMYNALKSSLKKKEPK m/z 520.06, all y-ions, b2-b4 ions were detected; and Bg-NP_novel_6 - DVDHVDLSDANDPDLLS m/z 920.40, b2, b4-b16, y13 and y16 were detected. Signal sequences (yellow), cleavage sites (red), and bioactive peptide (blue) supported by ESI-TripleTof MS/MS analysis

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