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Table 1 Reference genes used to search S. scabiei databases

From: Gene silencing by RNA interference in Sarcoptes scabiei: a molecular tool to identify novel therapeutic targets

Gene family (Organism) Gene ID
Dicer (T. urticae) tetur07g00990.1.1; tetur19g00520.1.1
Argonaute (T. urticae) tetur02g10560.1.1; tetur02g10570.1.1; tetur02g10580.1.1; tetur04g01190.1.1; tetur09g00620.1.1; tetur09g03140.1.1; tetur20g02910.1.1
Piwi/Aub/Ago3 (T. urticae) tetur06g03300.1.1; tetur06g05570.1.1; tetur06g05580.1.1; tetur06g05600.1.1; tetur17g03380.1.1; tetur28g00340.1.1; tetur28g00450.1.1
Pasha (T. urticae) tetur36g00220.1.1; tetur36g00250.1.1
Drosha (T. urticae) tetur12g00910.1.1
GW182 (T. urticae) tetur05g07970.1.1; tetur09g00260.1.1
VIG (T. urticae) tetur22g01310.1.1
Loquacious(T. urticae) tetur13g00410.1.1; tetur13g00430.1.1
Exportin-5 (T. urticae) tetur02g00500.1.1; tetur02g00520.1.1
RdRP (T. urticae) tetur02g08750.1.1; tetur02g08780.1.1; tetur02g08810.1.1; tetur02g08820.1.1
Dicer (Drosophila) XP_017874916.1
R2D2 (Drosophila) NP_001285720.1
Argonaute (Drosophila) XP_016037320.1; XP_015024007.1
GW182 (Drosophila) XP_015024007.1; XP_016037320.1
Piwi (Drosophila) XP_002051133.2; XP_015033122.1; XP_002003896.1
Exportin (Drosophila) XP_017154884.1; XP_002058203.1
dsRNA binding domain, (Drosophila) XP_002016656.1; XP_015022070.1
RNase III domain (Drosophila) XP_002016656.1
C3PO (Tribolum castaneum) ABX72055