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Table 3 S. scabiei genes involved in RNA interference

From: Gene silencing by RNA interference in Sarcoptes scabiei: a molecular tool to identify novel therapeutic targets

RNAi pathway gene Protein function Databases
S. scabiei var. hominis S. scabiei var. suis S. scabiei var. canis
Exportin Nuclear export of shRNA and pre-miRNAs. [72] + + +
Drosha A nuclear RNase III that cleaves primary miRNAs (pri-miRNAs) to release hairpin-shaped pre-miRNAs. These are subsequently cut by the cytoplasmic RNase III Dicer to generate mature miRNAs. [7375] + + +
Dicer Cleaves dsRNA and pre-miRNA into siRNA and miRNA, respectively. Facilitates the activation of RISC. [50] + + +
Pasha Essential cofactor for Drosha playing a central role in binding single-stranded fragments of the pri-mRNA. [74] + + +a
Loquacious Cofactor of dicer that is important for enabling the incorporation of dsRNA in silencing complexes. It mediates miRNA biogenesis and, thereby, the expression of genes regulated by miRNAs. [76] + + +
Argonaute Argonaute proteins bind to different classes of small non-cording RNAs (miRNA, siRNA and piRNAs) which leads to mRNA cleavage and subsequent silencing. [77] + + +
RdRP RNA-dependent RNA polymerase that amplifies miRNAs and small temporal RNAs to produce dsRNA which are then cleaved by the enzyme Dicer to produce siRNAs targeting mRNAs for silencing. [78] + +
VIG Argonaute related protein in RISC that has role in RNA binding and nuclease activity. [79] + +
GW182 Promotes target silencing by repressing translation and enhancing mRNA turnover, precise mechanism of action unknown. [80] +a
Piwi Piwi proteins or piwi domains hydrolyse ssRNA. [81]
C3PO Endoribonuclease that activates the RISC. [82]
R2D2 Co factor of dicer2 directing strand specific incorporation of the siRNA. [53, 83]
  1. Key: +, denotes genes that were identified in the respective S. scabiei database; −, denotes genes that were not detected in the respective S. scabiei database
  2. aIncomplete gene sequence was identified