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Table 1 Parameter values for the host and parasite (S. mansoni) populations and key vaccination parameters, used in the evaluations of the models as summarised in [31]

From: Developing a mathematical model for the evaluation of the potential impact of a partially efficacious vaccine on the transmission dynamics of Schistosoma mansoni in human communities

Variable/Parameter Interpretation Values
N Host population size
M Mean number of adult worms Model dependent
L Environmental reservoir
μ b Human host death rate 1/50 yrs-1
σb Parasite mortality rate 1/4 yrs-1 [27]
μ 2 b Free-living larvae mortality rate 365/7 yrs-1 [27]
λ b Egg production rate per female worm 0.14 [31]
β b Rate of contact between human and infective stages 0.63a yrs-1 [31]
ψ Flow of infectious material into the environment
k Negative binomial clumping parameter 0.24 [34]
γ Density dependence fecundity parameter 0.0006/female worm [34]
p Proportion of infants vaccinated per unit of time [0,1]
q b Rate of mass vaccination
ω b Rate of loss of vaccine-induced immunity per unit of time (vaccine duration of protection: \( \tau =\raisebox{1ex}{$1$}\!\left/ \!\raisebox{-1ex}{$\omega $}\right.\Big) \) [0,∞)
v 1 Vaccine efficacy with an effect on worm life expectancy [0,1]
v 2 Vaccine efficacy with an effect on worm fecundity [0,1]
v 3 Vaccine efficacy with an effect on worm establishment [0,1]
  1. aThe value of β was estimated using the weighted average of the different age groups from [31]
  2. bPer capita rates per unit of time