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Fig. 5

From: Role of inhibitors of serine peptidases in protecting Leishmania donovani against the hydrolytic peptidases of sand fly midgut

Fig. 5

Differential expression of LdISP1 and LdISP2 during the amastigote to promastigote transformation of Leishmania parasites. The Leishmania amastigotes were incubated for 0 to 72 h at 25 °C for their transformation to promastigotes. a After the incubation, RNA was isolated by cells pellet and cDNA prepared followed by semiquantitative RT-PCR, α-tubulin PCR was conducted to show uniform expression of a house-keeping gene in all the conditions. The PCR product was run on agarose gel and observed under Gel Doc. Figures represent the relative band intensities of LdISP1 and LdISP2 genes during the transforming phase from 0 to 72 h. b After individual incubation, cells were harvested, and proteins were isolated. Western blot was performed to see the expression of LdISP1 and LdISP2 at the protein level by using anti-ISP1 and anti-ISP2 antibodies respectively. Densitometric analysis showed the relative fold increase in the band intensities of LdISP1 and LdISP2 genes expressed in treated parasites when compared to the control (0 h). Experiments were performed in triplicate. Gel and blot images are representative of a single experiment. An asterisk (*) denotes P ≤ 0.05, when compared to 0 h

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