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Table 2 Interaction of L. donovani ISP1 and ISP2 with chymotrypsin

From: Role of inhibitors of serine peptidases in protecting Leishmania donovani against the hydrolytic peptidases of sand fly midgut

  Distance Donor atom Acceptor atom
ISP1 and chymotrypsin interacting amino acids    
 Chymotrypsin:ASN62:HD21 - ISP1:GLN39:OE1 2.31963 HD21 OE1
 Chymotrypsin:ASN62:HD21 - ISP1:LEU40:O 1.71151 HD21 O
 Chymotrypsin:ASN62:HD22 - ISP1:GLN39:OE1 2.4342 HD22 OE1
ISP2 and chymotrypsin interacting amino acids    
 ISP2:GLY10:HT1 - Chymotrypsin_I:ASP33:OD1 1.32826 HT1 OD1
 ISP2:GLY10:HT2 - Chymotrypsin_I:ASP33:OD1 2.3921 HT2 OD1
 ISP2:GLY10:HT3 - Chymotrypsin_I:ASP33:OD1 2.10518 HT3 OD1
 ISP2:LYS11:HN - Chymotrypsin_I:PRO30:O 2.39249 HN O
 ISP2:LEU13:HN - Chymotrypsin_I:THR26:OG1 1.18263 HN OG1
 ISP2:LYS37:HZ3 - Chymotrypsin_E:VAL60:O 1.4347 HZ3 O
 ISP2:TYR46:HH - Chymotrypsin_E:VAL88:O 2.42993 HH O
 ISP2:ILE139:HN - Chymotrypsin_E:TYR94:O 2.09708 HN O