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Table 2 Multivariable analysis of schistosomiasis prevalence and intensity of infection against age, adjusted for gender and location. Odds ratio represents the increase for each year

From: High burden of Schistosoma mansoni infection in school-aged children in Marolambo District, Madagascar

  Odds ratio 95% CI P Adj. odds ratioa 95% CI P
EPG 1.18b (1.11–1.26) < 0.0005 1.18b (1.11–1.26) < 0.0005
CCA 1.27c (1.09–1.49) 0.003 1.26c (1.07–1.48) 0.005
  1. Abbreviations: CCA circulating cathodic antigen, EPG eggs per gram
  2. aOdd ratio adjusted for sex and site
  3. bPooled odds ratio from an ordinal logistic regression of 3 binary outcomes (> 0, > low, > moderate)
  4. cOdds ratio from a binary logistic regression