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Fig. 1

From: Evaluation of electric nets as means to sample mosquito vectors host-seeking on humans and primates

Fig. 1

Trapping devices. a Ethically compliant cage for two juvenile macaques (see Additional file 1). b Monkey-baited trap (MBT): the macaque cage is enclosed in a netted frame, with ~0.4 m of netting rolled up at either end of the net; host-seeking mosquitoes enter the net in search of macaques and are collected from inside the net. c Electrocuting net, water collection trays, battery and transformer, with pipe leading from tent. d Electrocuting net trap: either two humans (HENET) or two macaques (MENET) are housed in the tent, their odours then vented via the tube to an array of charged wires; host-seeking mosquitoes are electrocuted when investigating the host odour and fall into wet collection trays beneath the net

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