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Table 2 List of common metabolites in acute and chronic phases of Toxoplasma gondii infection

From: Profiling of the perturbed metabolomic state of mouse spleen during acute and chronic toxoplasmosis

KEGG.ID Metabolite Differentially expressed metabolitea
   Acutely infected Chronically infected
C11455 4,4-Dimethyl-5alpha-cholesta-8,14,24-trien-3beta-ol
C05446 3alpha,7alpha,12alpha,26-Tetrahydroxy-5beta-cholestane
C13804 ORG 20599
C17569 Ubiquinone-8
C11606 NAc-FnorLRF-amide
C00219 Arachidonic acid
C16147 Glycosyl-4,4′-diaponeurosporenoate
C16885 Gambieric acid A
C09261 Disenecionyl cis-khellactone
C10458 Furcatin
C01937 Methotrexate
C14668 Cortancyl
  1. a↑, upregulated; ↓, downregulated