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Table 3 Summary of the pathway analysis using MetaboAnalyst during acute Toxoplasma gondii infection

From: Profiling of the perturbed metabolomic state of mouse spleen during acute and chronic toxoplasmosis

Metabolic pathway Raw P-valuea -log(p) Impactb
Arachidonic acid metabolism 0.2473 1.3971 0.3260
Steroid biosynthesis 0.2413 1.4219 0.1245
Steroid hormone biosynthesis 0.1041 2.2623 0.0578
Primary bile acid biosynthesis 0.0471 3.0561 0.0102
  1. aRaw P-value is the original P-value calculated from the enrichment analysis
  2. bImpact is the pathway impact value calculated from pathway topology analysis