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Table 3 The accession numbers of the sequences generated in this study

From: Distribution and current infection status of Biomphalaria straminea in Hong Kong

Sample cox1 16S ITS1-5.8S-ITS2
LW1 KY697197 KY697220  
LW2 KY697198 KY697221 KY684232
LW3 KY697199 KY697222  
HKL2 KY697200 KY697223 KY684234
HKL3 KY697201 KY697224  
HKL10 KY697202 KY697225  
PCL1 KY697203 KY697226  
PCL2 KY697204 KY697227 KY684238
PCL3 KY697205 KY697228 KY684239
SSH1 KY697206 KY697229  
SSH2 KY697207 KY697230 KY684241
SSH3 KY697208 KY697231  
NgT1 KY697209 KY697232 KY684243
NgT2 KY697210 KY697233 KY684244
NgT3 KY697211 KY697234 KY684245
SB1 KY697212 KY697235  
SB3 KY697213   
SG1 KY697214 KY697236 KY684246
SG3 KY697215   KY684247
SG4 KY697216 KY697238 KY684248
JP11 KY697217 KY697239 KY684249
JP12 KY697218 KY697240 KY684250
JP13 KY697219 KY697241 KY684251
DP2 KY697246 KY697245 KY690168
DP1 KY697247 KY697244 KY690167
DG11 KY697248 KY697242 KY690165
DG12 KY697249 KY697243 KY690166
ZD2 KY697250   
ZD1 KY697251   
LD4 KY697252   
LD5 KY697253   
LD6 KY697254