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Table 2 Details of the Balkan virus positive pools with sandfly species identification using cytochrome b and cox1 sequences

From: Direct evidence for an expanded circulation area of the recently identified Balkan virus (Sandfly fever Naples virus species) in several countries of the Balkan archipelago

Trapping locality Pool code Sand fly species Gene Reads No. of sand flies Gender Collection date Altitude (m)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Sovici B1 P. neglectus cytb 1427 27 male 06/07/2015 283
   cox1 4257    
 Duba C13 P. tobbi cytb 1211 20 male 13/07/2015 475
   cox1 546    
  P. neglectus cytb 967    
   cox1 7351    
 Vidonje C41 P. neglectus cytb 950 20 female 16/07/2015 240
   cox1 8182    
 Vidonje C50 P. neglectus cytb 1834 20 female (bf) 16/07/2015 240
   cox1 5302    
 Vidonje C51 P. neglectus cytb 3143 20 female (bf) 16/07/2015 240
   cox1 22,867