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Table 1 Sampling information for Culex nigripalpus populations collected in seven urban parks in the city of São Paulo, Brazil

From: Wing variation in Culex nigripalpus (Diptera: Culicidae) in urban parks

Park Coordinates Collection year Sample size
Anhanguera (ANG) 23°29′33.36″S, 46°45′43.50″W 2011–2013 60
Burle Marx (BMX) 23°37′55.92″S, 46°43′17.25″W 2012–2013 30
Ibirapuera (IBR) 23°35′14.40″S, 46°39′27.48″W 2011–2012 23
Piqueri (PIQ) 23°31′39.98″S, 46°34′24.98″W 2012–2013 34
Previdência (PRV) 23°34′40.99″S, 46°43′37.92″W 2012–2013 32
Santo Dias (SDS) 23°45′29.35″S, 46°46′23.18″W 2011–2012 33
Shangrilá (SHA) 23°45′29.35″S, 46°39′44.28″W 2011–2012 33