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Table 1 Information on the 40 R. sanguineus (s.l.) specimens used for analyses of bacterial diversity

From: Bacterial microbiota associated with Rhipicephalus sanguineus (s.l.) ticks from France, Senegal and Arizona

Sample Location (coordinates) Sex/Stage Collection method Haplotype
AR-1 San Carlos, Arizona (33°20′N, 110°27′W) F From the environmenta 5
AR-2 F 5
AR-3 M 5
AR-4 M 6
AR-5 M 5
FR-CO1 Bastia, Corsica, France (42°41′N, 9°27′E) M From dogs 1
FR-CO2 F 1
FR-CO3 M 1
FR-CO4 N 1
FR-CO7 F 1
FR-D1 La Bégude de Mazenc, Drôme, France (44°32′N, 4°56′E) F From dogs 1
FR-D2 F 1
FR-D3 F 1
FR-D4 F 1
FR-D5 F 1
FR-D6 F 1
FR-D7 M 1
FR-G1 Sommières, Gard, France, (43°47′N, 4°05′E) F From dogs 1
FR-G2 F 1
FR-G3 F 1
FR-G4 F 3
FR-G6 N 1
FR-G7 N 1
FR-G13 F From the environmentb 3
FR-G14 F 1
FR-G5 Aigues-Vives, Gard, France (43°42′N, 4°13′E) F From a dog 1
FR-G11 F From the environmentc 3
FR-G9 Saint-Gilles, Gard, France (43°40′N, 4°26′E) M From dogs 1
FR-V4 Toulon, Var, France (43°07′N, 5°55′E) F From dogs 3
FR-V5 F 3
FR-V6 F 1
FR-V7 M 1
FR-V8 M 1
SEN-1 Dakar, Senegal (14°43′N, 17°25′W) F From dogsd 7
SEN-3 F 7
SEN-4 F 8
SEN-5 F 7
SEN-6 M 6
SEN-7 M 8
SEN-8 F 7
  1. Abbreviations: F, female; M, male; N, nymph
  2. aUsing CO2 traps in sub-urban private houses
  3. bUsing the flagging method, in a rural location, along a small wooded river occasionally frequented by dogs
  4. cUsing the flagging method, along the river “Le Vidourle” in a park within this middle town of southern France
  5. dDogs from the same kennel