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Table 1 Outcome measures quantified in the meta-analyses

From: Meta-analyses of the proportion of Japanese encephalitis virus infection in vectors and vertebrate hosts

  Vector competence Host competence
Susceptibility to infection Proportion of JEV infectiona Proportion of JEV infectionb
Minimum infection ratec
Maximum likelihood estimatord
  1. aProportion of JEV infection is the sum of positive mosquito pools divided by the total number of pools tested in observational studies
  2. bProportion of positive vertebrate hosts equals the sum of positive samples divided by the sum of samples tested
  3. cMinimum infection rate (MIR) is defined as the ratio of the number of positive mosquito pools to the total number of mosquitoes in the sample, assuming that only one infected individual is present in a positive pool [21]
  4. dMaximum likelihood estimator (MLE) represents the proportion of infected mosquitoes that maximizes the likelihood of the number of pools of a specific size to be virus positive, where the proportion is the parameter of a binomial distribution [21]