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Fig. 2

From: Fasciclin-calcareous corpuscle binary complex mediated protein-protein interactions in Taenia solium metacestode

Fig. 2

Spatiotemporal expression profile of T. solium metacestode fasciclin (TsMFas1 and TsMFas2) proteins. a Compartmental expression patterns of TsMFas1 and 2 in T. solium metacestode and adult worms. Proteins extracted from individual anatomical compartments and excretory-secretory products (each 10 μg) and recombinant proteins (each 150 ng) were separated by 8% reducing SDS-PAGE, transferred to nitrocellulose membrane and probed with anti-rTsMFas1 or anti-rTsMFas2 antibody, together with preimmune mouse serum (1:2000 dilution). The signal was detected by ECL after 2 min exposure. Lane SN: scolex/neck; Lane BW: bladder wall; Lane CF: cyst fluid; Lane ESP: excretory-secretory products; Lane Im: immature proglottid; Lane Mat: mature proglottid; Lane Gra, gravid proglottid. b Expression of different isoforms of TsMFas1 and TsMFas2. SN proteins (80 μg) were isoelectrically focused on IPG strips (pH 4–7, 7 cm long), electrophoresed by 8% SDS-PAGE and electroblotted onto a nitrocellulose membrane. Blots were probed with anti-rTsMFas1 or anti-rTsMFas2 antibody (1:2000 dilution). Immunoreactive signals were developed using ECL after 2 min exposure. Abbreviations: M r, molecular weight in kDa; pI, isoelectric point

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