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Table 2 Organization of Msp1a repeats in A. ovis strains identified in goats and sheep. The structure of the Msp1a repeats region was represented using the repeat types showed in Fig. 1 for strains of A. ovis

From: Characterization of Anaplasma ovis strains using the major surface protein 1a repeat sequences

A. ovis strains Origin Host Structure of Msp1a repeats
A7-1b, A7-12c, A7-20a, A7-20b Hainan Goat Ao1 Ao6  
A22-2a, A22-2b, A22-7b Yunnan Goat Ao1 Ao6  
DSS5C, DSS16A, DSS16B Guizhou Goat Ao1 Ao6  
PZH41A, PZH41C Sichuan Goat Ao1 Ao6  
A22-7a Yunnan Goat Ao2 Ao6  
PZH46B, PZH46C, PZH60B, PZH60C Sichuan Goat Ao2 Ao6  
A7-1c Hainan Goat Ao3 Ao6  
PZH60A Sichuan Goat Ao3 Ao6  
A19-17a Inner Mongolia Sheep Ao4 Ao6  
A19-17b Inner Mongolia Sheep Ao4 Ao11  
DSS16C, DSS16D Guizhou Goat Ao5 Ao6  
A22-3a Yunnan Goat Ao5 Ao6  
A7-16a, A7-16b Hainan Goat Ao7 Ao6  
A18-32b, A18-32c Shanxi Sheep Ao9 Ao10  
A7-17a, A7-17b Hainan Goat Ao10 Ao8  
A18-3b, A18-6a, A18-6c Shanxi Sheep Ao10 Ao13  
A19-12a, A19-12b Inner Mongolia Sheep Ao12 Ao8  
A19-1a, A19-1b Inner Mongolia Sheep Ao14 Ao8  
A8-105b Inner Mongolia Goat Ao15 Ao16  
A18-7b Shanxi Sheep Ao17 Ao6  
A18-18a Shanxi Sheep Ao18 Ao19 Ao11
A18-32a Shanxi Sheep Ao20 Ao21  
A22-3b Yunnan Goat Ao22 Ao6  
DSS25B Guizhou Goat Ao23 Ao10  
PZH41B Sichuan Goat Ao24 Ao5