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Fig. 6

From: Identification and characterization of the major pseudocoelomic proteins of the giant kidney worm, Dioctophyme renale

Fig. 6

Putative orthologues of D. renale P44. a Peptide sequences from P44 and how they were combined or edited for the alignment. Sequences are given using the single letter code for amino-acids. b Alignment between the peptides obtained from P44 and the full predicted amino-acid sequence of the poly-cysteine and histidine-tailed protein isoform 2 from Trichinella spiralis (Ts-PCHTP; NCBI accession AEQ29641). The alignment was made using MultAlin set for the default blosum62 substitution matrix ( Though not shown, the alignment was similarly good with sequences from other species of Trichinella, and with a PCHTP sequence from Trichuris trichiura (NCBI accession CDW54015). The first 21 amino-acids in the T. spiralis sequence are predicted to be a cleavable signal peptide by SignalP (, the predicted mature protein therefore beginning close to where the D. renale P44 N-terminal peptide sequence begins (D.renale_1)

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