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Table 6 Posterior estimates for the effect of interventions adjusted for socio-economic status and changes in climatic/environmental conditions

From: The contribution of malaria control interventions on spatio-temporal changes of parasitaemia risk in Uganda during 2009–2014

Covariate OR (95% BCI)
Difference in LST (day) 1.10 (1.02–1.13)a
Difference in LST (night) 1.09 (1.03–1.18)a
Difference in NDVI 1.00 (0.94–1.08)
Difference in rainfall 1.14 (1.08–1.23)a
Area type (urban vs rural) 0.43 (0.40–0.53)a
Wealth index 0.54 (0.51–0.57)a
ITN 0.81 (0.71–0.82)a
IRS 0.22 (0.16–0.33)a
ACTs 0.66 (0.34–0.72)a
Spatial variance 0.63 (0.56–0.76)
Range (km) 35.4 (24.3–37.0)
  1. Abbreviations: ITNs Insecticide Treated Nets, ACTs Artemisinin Combination Therapies, IRS Indoor Residual Spraying, LST Land Surface Temperature, NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
  2. aStatistically important effect