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Table 3 Comparisons of the effect of breeding stage on overall mosquito blood-feeding success using consecutive contrasts for Binomial GLMMs. The reported values show the differences in mean probabilities of blood-feeding success between the corresponding breeding stage pairs (see also Figs. 2b, 3b)

From: West Nile virus host-vector-pathogen interactions in a colonial raptor

Species Variable Contrast levels Difference in blood-feeding success SE P-value
Cx. pipiens Breeding stage 1st week vs incubation 0.034 0.01 0.031
2nd week vs 1st week 0.002 0.01 0.86
3rd week vs 2nd week -0.044 0.01 < 0.001
4th week vs 3rd week 0.007 0.01 0.447
Cx. modestus a Breeding stage 2nd week vs 1st week 0.021 0.02 0.48
3rd week vs 2nd week -0.065 0.02 0.001
4th week vs 3rd week 0.011 0.02 0.53
  1. ablood-feeding success was not estimated during incubation due to sample size constraints
  2. Abbreviation: SE standard error