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Table 4 Intra-assemblage substitutions in bg, tpi and gdh sequences from assemblage E

From: Prevalence and multilocus genotyping of Giardia duodenalis in pigs of Shaanxi Province, northwestern China

Subtype (number) Nucleotide positions and substitutions GenBank ID
  57 120 180  
Ref. sequence T C C KU668892
E (36) T C C KY989575
  56 143 340  
Ref. sequence C C C KJ668136
E1 (6) C C C KY989581
E2 (8) C T C KY989580
E3 (1) C C T KY989582
  68 216 285 303  
Ref. sequence T T C C JN160739
E1 (5) T C C T MF034655
E2 (3) T T T C MF034657
E3 (2) T T T C MF034658