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Table 5 Distribution of haplotypes of infected adult mosquitoes

From: Incidence of dengue and chikungunya viruses in mosquitoes and human patients in border provinces of Vietnam

Strain Virus Species Haplotype (GenBank ID) Country
DN_DL_01F4 DENV1 Aedes aegypti Martinique 1 (JQ926696) Martinique (French Caribbean)
DN_DL_01F8 DENV4 Culex vishnui 564IRI2008 (AB738195) Unknown
DN_DMi_06F2 CHIKV Aedes aegypti Martinique 1 JQ926696) Martinique (French Caribbean)
LA_BHT_17F6 DENV4 Aedes albopictus None (HF536717) Romania
LA_TT_22F5 DENV2 Aedes albopictus None (HF536717) Romania
LA_TT_24F1 DENV2 Aedes aegypti BU-Zoo-Ae.a-31 (KT339683) India
LA_TT_26F3 CHIKV Aedes aegypti BU-Zoo-Ae.a-31 (KT339683) India
LA_BT_28F5 DENV2 Aedes aegypti aeg7 (KP843388) Thailand
HT_Hv_37F2 DENV1 Aedes albopictus None (HF536717) Romania
QT_LB_55M1 DENV1 Aedes albopictus alb9 (KP843400) Thailand
QT_LB_56F1 DENV1 Aedes albopictus None (HF536717) Romania