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Table 1 Data of samples used in this study, and results of cox1 sequence analyses

From: Contributions to the phylogeny of Ixodes (Pholeoixodes) canisuga, I. (Ph.) kaiseri, I. (Ph.) hexagonus and a simple pictorial key for the identification of their females

Region Country Locality or region of collection Sample origin Ixodes species (number) cox1 haplotype namea (number if >1) GenBank accession nos.
Western Europe UK Bridgewater dog I. canisuga (2F) H, J KY962048, KY962047
Glantwymyn dog I. canisuga (2F) H (2×) KY962048
Plymtree dog I. canisuga (2F) H (2×) KY962048
Whissonsett dog I. canisuga (2F) H (2×) KY962048
France Bernay fox burrow I. canisuga (1F, 1N) H (2×) KY962049
Nancy badger I. canisuga (1F, 3N) A (2×), F, H KY962050, KY962051, KY962049
Nantes badger I. canisuga (1N) H KY962049
Carquefou badger I. canisuga (1F, 4N) H (5×) KY962049
Central Europe Germany Thuringia red fox I. kaiseri (4F) M (3×), O KY962042, KY962043
Thuringia red fox I. canisuga (6F) A (4×), H (2×) KY962044, KY962045
Thuringia red fox I. hexagonus (3F) X (3×) KY962046
Austria Burgenland dog I. hexagonus (2N) X (2×) KY962019
Hungary Budapest dog I. kaiseri (8F) L (5×), S, P (2×) KY962011, KY962014, KY962015
Budapest dog I. canisuga (2F) A, B KY962013, KY962012
South-eastern Europe Croatia Jastrebarsko red fox I. hexagonus (18F) U (4×), V (12×), W, Y KY962036, KY962035, KY962034, KY962041
Jastrebarsko red fox I. canisuga (35F) A (3×), E, G (23×), I (8×) KY962040, KY962039, KY962037, KY962038
Bosnia and Herzegovina Srebrenik, Zvornik red fox I. canisuga (10F) A (8×), H (2×) KY962016, KY962017
Srebrenik, Zvornik red fox I. hexagonus (2N) U (2×) KY962018
Serbia Svilajnac red fox I. canisuga (1F) H KY962030
Boljevci red fox I. canisuga (1F, 1N) A, H KY962031, KY962030
Progar red fox I. canisuga (1M) A KY962031
Despotovac red fox I. kaiseri (1N) N KY962032
Boljevci red fox I. kaiseri (5N) L (5×) KY962033
Romania Iazurile dog I. kaiseri (1F) P KY962020
Cefa red fox I. kaiseri (1N) P KY962020
Sǎlard red fox I. kaiseri (1F) R KY962024
Popesti red fox I. kaiseri (2F, 1N) P (2×), L KY962020, KY962026
Sǎnpetru red fox I. kaiseri (4F, 4N) P (2×), L (4×), Q (2×) KY962020, KY962026, KY962027
Ilia red fox I. kaiseri (1F, 1N) L, T KY962026, KY962028
Cefa red fox I. canisuga (2F, 1N) A (2×), D KY962021, KY962022
Sǎtmǎrel red fox I. canisuga (2F) D, K KY962022, KY962023
Cusuius red fox I. canisuga (1N) C KY962025
Hodisel red fox I. canisuga (1F) D KY962022
Ilia red fox I. hexagonus (1N) U KY962029
  1. aPosition of mutations in cox1 haplotypes (“-” = reference): Ixodes canisuga: A (-), B (57), C (144), D (291), E (441), F (498), G (525), H (37, 177), I (55, 525), J (37, 177, 363), K (37, 177, 453); I. kaiseri: L (-), M (60), N (444), O (60, 94), P (525, 588), Q (282, 525, 588), R (456, 525, 588), S (175, 330, 525, 588), T (234, 393, 525, 552, 588); I. hexagonus: U (-), V (366), W (442), X (366, 588), Y (66, 366, 588)
  2. Abbreviations: F females, M males, N nymphs