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Table 3 Relative sensitivity and specificity of automated DNA extraction compared with manual DNA extraction based on screening of samples tested either by nested pCS20 PCR or Sol1TqM qPCR. Results (positive and negative E. ruminantium samples, Se, Sp and Acc of the automated extraction method) obtained on tick lysates spiked with E. ruminantium serial dilutions (n = 17) and experimentally infected ticks (n = 30) extracted in parallel by manual and automatic extraction and tested either by nested PCR or pCS20 Sol1TqM qPCR are shown. The kappa test was 72%

From: Efficient high-throughput molecular method to detect Ehrlichia ruminantium in ticks

   Manual extraction Total Se (%) Sp (%) Ac (%)
Automated extraction + 37 6 43 84.1 88.0 86.2
7 44 51    
Total 44 50 94    
  1. Abbreviations: Se relative sensitivity, Sp relative specificity, Ac accuracy