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Table 2 List of newly obtained Dactylogyrus species used for molecular analyses and phylogenetic reconstruction

From: The phylogenetic position of the enigmatic Balkan Aulopyge huegelii (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from the perspective of host-specific Dactylogyrus parasites (Monogenea), with a description of Dactylogyrus omenti n. sp.

Host species Dactylogyrus spp. Country Locality Coordinates GenBank accession numbers
18S rDNA + ITS1 + 5.8S rDNA 28S rDNA
Aulopyge huegelii D. omenti n. sp. Bosnia and Herzegovina Šujica, Duvansko polje 43°42′05.7″N, 17°15′50.5″E KY201091 KY201105
D. vastator     KY201092 KY201106
Barbus balcanicus D. petenyi Greece Vardar, Axiopolis 40°59′28.4″N, 22°33′14.5″E KY201097 KY201113
Barbus barbus D. carpathicus Czech Republic River Svratka 49°05′32.1″N, 16°37′11.0″E KY201098 KY201111
D. malleus     KY201099 KY201112
Barbus prespensis D. crivellius Albania Shkumbini, Perrenjas 41°03′50.9″N, 20°33′56.6″E KY201094 KY201108
D. prespensis     KY201096 KY201110
D. balkanicus     KY201093 KY201107
D. dyki Greece Aoos, Kalithea 40°01′16.7″N, 20°41′40.2″E KY859804 KY859803
Barbus plebejus D. vastator Italy River Po na KY201104 na
Carassius gibelio D. vastator Czech Republic River Dyje 48°48′09.4″N, 16°50′19.3″E KY201103 na
  D. anchoratus     KY859795 KY863555
  D. vastator Croatia Baštica Reservoir 44°11′34.1″N, 15°24′40.7″E KY207446 na
Luciobarbus albanicus Dactylogyrus sp. 1 Greece Lake Trichonis, Panetolio 38°35′20.2″N, 21°28′02.7″E KY201100 KY201114
Luciobarbus graecus Dactylogyrus sp. 2 Greece Sperchios, Ypati 38°54′14.3″N, 22°17′30.2″E KY201101 KY201115
  1. Abbreviation: na, not available