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Table 1 The suite of fixed explanatory variables relating to environmental measurements and bryozoan colony characters that were incorporated in mixed model statistical analyses

From: Persistence, impacts and environmental drivers of covert infections in invertebrate hosts

Category Explanatory variable
Water chemistry Dissolved oxygen as O2 (mg/l)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) (mg/l)
Alkalinity to pH 4.5 as CaCO3 (mg/l)
Hardness, total as CaCO3 (mg/l)
Ammonia un-ionised as N (mg/l)
Ammonia nitrogen as N (mg/l)
Nitrate as N (mg/l)
Nitrite as N (mg/l)
Nitrogen, total oxidised as N (mg/l)
Orthophosphate, reactive as P (mg/l)
Magnesium (mg/l)
Calcium (mg/l)
Chloride (mg/l)
Cadmium (mg/l)
Productivity Bacterial Oxygen Demand (BOD) (mg/l)
Chlorophyll a, acetone extract (μg/l)
Total confirmed coliforms, membrane filtration (CFU/0.1 l)
Total presumptive coliforms, membrane filtration (CFU/0.1 l)
Other environmental factors Water temperature (°C)
Water flow (m/s)
Turbidity (FTU)
Conductivity at 25 °C (μS/cm)
Colony characters Zooid number (colony size)
Statoblast presence