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Fig. 1

From: Hap2, a novel gene in Babesia bigemina is expressed in tick stages, and specific antibodies block zygote formation

Fig. 1

Localization and analysis of B. bigemina hap2 gene. a Localization of hap2 on chromosome III. The BLASTp analysis identified a sequence (XP_012769023.1) referred as "putative membrane protein of B. bigemina” in the GenBank, with the domain HAP2_GSC1 (pfam_pfam10699), in the locus BBBOND_0307410. b HAP2 scheme of Chiapas-México strain (KX768110), indicating in dark boxes the signal peptide (SP), the hap2/GSC1 domain and the transmembrane helix domain (TMD). The sequence of the HAP2-GSC1 domain of Chiapas-México strain was aligned with the following sequences: Babesia bigemina BBOND strain (XP_012769023.1), Plasmodium berguei (EU369602), Toxoplasma gondii VAND strain (KFH08353.1), Babesia bovis strain T2Bo strain (XP_001611806.1) by using Clustal Omega and edited with the BOXSHADE program. The black boxes show homologous sequences and the grey box denotes similar sequences

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