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Fig. 3

From: Hap2, a novel gene in Babesia bigemina is expressed in tick stages, and specific antibodies block zygote formation

Fig. 3

Expression of HAP2 in bovine and tick stages of Babesia bigemina. a RT-PCR of hap2 and gapdh as a control. For both genes: Lane 1: infected erythrocytes; Lane 2: in vitro-induced sexual stages; Lane 3: pool of infected ticks at 0 h post-repletion; Lane 4: pool of infected ticks 72 h post-repletion; Lane 5: midgut of infected ticks 72 h post-repletion; Lane 6: pool of uninfected ticks at 0 h post-repletion. The lower panel corresponds to RT- controls of hap2. b Semiquantitative analysis of RT-PCR assays. Transcripts of hap2 were quantified in relation to gapdh gene. Mean value ± SE of 2 quantifications is represented. The asterisks indicate the values significantly different from the control (ANOVA, F (5, 6) = 86.71, P < 0.0001). c. Western blotting assays using total extracts of infected erythrocytes (Lanes 1 and 5), uninfected erythrocytes (Lanes 2 and 6), sexual stages (Lanes 3 and 7) and midgut of infected ticks at 72 h post-repletion (Lanes 4 and 8) were probed with anti-HAP2 antiserum (Lanes 5–8) or pre-immune serum (Lanes 1–4). The molecular mass marker is shown in kiloDaltons (kDa)

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