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Fig. 4

From: Hap2, a novel gene in Babesia bigemina is expressed in tick stages, and specific antibodies block zygote formation

Fig. 4

Anti-HAP2 antibodies block zygote formation. a The percentage of zygote formation was determined in cultures treated with antibodies against HAP2 immunogenic peptides 2 (α pep 2) and 3 (α pep 3), respectively. Serum from a rabbit immunized only with adjuvant was used as a control for zygote induction (CS); all data are expressed as a mean percentage considering as a total all the cells counted, including zygotes and extra and intraerythrocytic parasites. The asterisks indicate the values that are significantly different from the control (P < 0.05). b Representative images from zygote induction at 36 h. Sexual stages aggregate in Giemsa-stained smear prepared from the culture with anti-peptide 2 antibodies (1). Magnification of image b, black arrowheads show sexual stages (2). Zygotes induced with rabbit serum immunized only with adjuvant (3, 4). All smears were stained with Giemsa and observed at 100× magnification. Scale-bars: b1, 5 μm; b2, 5 μm; b3, 4 μm; b4, 4 μm

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