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Table 3 Genetic assignment results from the Aedes aegypti specimens found at Schiphol airport, the Netherlands

From: The first detected airline introductions of yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) to Europe, at Schiphol International airport, the Netherlands

Perioda Sample ID Individual assignmentb Group A assignmentc Group B assignmentc
24-05-2016 16-06-2016 Neth16_802 Saudi Arabia (87.350%) Miami, FL, USA (99.95%); Rio, FL, USA (0.04%); VacaKeys,FL, USA (0.01%) Saudi Arabia (79.85%); the Philippines (19.33%); New Orleans, USA (0.78%)
Neth16_845 Miami (68.590%)
Neth16_853 Palm Beach (32.990%)
29-08-2016 26-09-2016 Neth16_6637071 The Philippines (53.557%) Saudi Arabia (95.47%); the Philippines (4.40%); New Orleans, USA (0.07%)
Neth16_6813416-1-85 Saudi Arabia (82.855%)
17-10-2016 31-10-2016 Neth16_4388663 na na na
  1. Abbreviation: na not available
  2. aDates are reported in a day-month-year format
  3. bIndividual frequency assignments; populations assigned the highest assignment score (0–100%)
  4. cGroup assignment test; populations assigned the highest assignment score (0–100%). The three locations with the highest assignment score are shown