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Fig. 3

From: Understanding the relationship between egg- and antigen-based diagnostics of Schistosoma mansoni infection pre- and post-treatment in Uganda

Fig. 3

Comparison between diagnostic estimates and true prevalence for simulated data. Colours represent the different diagnostics. Double KK estimates are coloured black (circles), CCA with trace results as positives (CCA+) are represented by green triangles, while CCA with trace as negative (CCA-) are blue squares. Symbols coloured red are the real data from the diagnostics for the average estimated true prevalence (Baseline and one and six months post-treatment). a Comparison of the different diagnostics and true prevalence illustrating that KK and CCA- always underestimate true prevalence, while CCA+ overestimates prevalence at low/medium prevalences. b Comparison of CCA diagnostics (CCA+ and CCA-) and KK diagnostics (two samples) showing a non-linear relationship as prevalence changes

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