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Table 2 Signal peptides predictions. Number of transcripts encoding signal peptides predicted in Anisakis simplex (s.s.) and Anisakis pegreffii differentially expressed transcripts (WL, whole larva; PX, pharynx). The percentages of putatively secreted peptides over the total number of transcripts upregulated in the WL and PX of each species are also indicated

From: Tissue-specific transcriptomes of Anisakis simplex (sensu stricto) and Anisakis pegreffii reveal potential molecular mechanisms involved in pathogenicity

  Anisakis pegreffii Anisakis simplex (s.s.)
PX-UP (140) WL-UP (113) PX-UP (226) WL-UP (109)
Peptides (Met) 76 55 174 75
SP 27 12 35 12
% SP 36 22 20 16