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Table 4 Results of analysis of molecular variation (AMOVA) tests

From: Population genetic structure of the Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae) complex, vectors of West Nile virus, in five habitats

Source df Sum of squares Variation (%) P
Among regionsa 3 563.80 12 0.001
Individuals within regions 274 10,694.66 88  
Among habitatsb 4 204.86 1 0.008
Individuals within habitats 224 8904.05 99  
  1. aCx. pipiens complex populations from four regions including Cx. quinquiefasciatus from Coachella CA, Cx. pipiens complex from Merced and Oroville, and Cx. pipiens from Washington
  2. bPopulations of Cx. pipiens complex from five Merced habitats
  3. Abbreviation: df degrees of freedom