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Table 4 Comparison of the species-level identifications of collected Lutzomyia specimens with the identifications as determined by DNA barcoding

From: Bionomic aspects of Lutzomyia evansi and Lutzomyia longipalpis, proven vectors of Leishmania infantum in an endemic area of non-ulcerative cutaneous leishmaniasis in Honduras

Phenotypic identification BOLD Sample ID BOLD higher match % Highest match Overlap (nt) Match process ID
Lu. longipalpis HNLUZ004-17 Lu. longipalpis 99.03 609 MEXSM003-12
Lu. longipalpis HNLUZ005-17 Lu. longipalpis 98.71 609 MEXSM003-12
Lu. evansi HNLUZ001-17 Lu. evansi 93.98 594 GBMIN23074-13
Lu. gomezi HNLUZ008-17 Lu. gomezi 99.03 558 GBPSY020-14
Lu. gomezi HNLUZ010-17 Lu. gomezi 99.19 561 GBPSY020-14
Lu. gomezi HNLUZ012-17 Lu. gomezi 99.03 558 GBPSY020-14
Lu. cruciata HNLUZ014-17 Lutzomyia sp. 88.83 571 None
Lu. zeledoni HNLUZ019-17 Psychodidae 98.29 609 None
Lu. zeledoni HNLUZ020-17 Psychodidae 98.29 609 None
Lu. zeledoni HNLUZ022-17 Psychodidae 98.10 609 None
Lu. chiapanensis HNLUZ015-17 Psychodidae 91.36 609 None
Lu. cayennensis HNLUZ024-17 Phytoliriomyza melampyga 91.10 609 None