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Table 1 Description of the study sites in the three districts in Ethiopia

From: Survey of Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Anaplasma sp. ‘Omatjenne’ infection in cattle in Africa with special reference to Ethiopia

Description Ada’a Liban Bako Adami-Tullu-Jiddo-Kombolcha
Location 9°N, 4°E 9°8’ N, 37°5′E 7°9’N, 38°7′E
Mean temperature (°C) 8.5–30.7 13.5–27.9 22.3–28.8
Mean annual RF (mm) 1156 1227 760.9
Mean relative humidity (%) 61.3 85 63
Mean altitude (m above sea level) 1550 1650 1650
Farming type Mixed Mixed Livestock based
Main livestock raised Cattle, sheep, goats Cattle and sheep Cattle and goats
Premises selected Bishoftu farms Bako Research farm Habernosa ranch, Alage dairy farm, Adami Tullu farm
Animals sampled Cattle (n = 125), sheep (n = 125), goats (n = 51) Cattle (n = 149), sheep (n = 164) Cattle (n = 183), goats (n = 125)
Samples collected Blood and ticks Blood and ticks Blood and ticks