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Table 3 Observed quantification cycle (Cq) values for Schmallenberg virus (SBV) in field-collected Culicoides. Includes associated Culicoides species characterisation and blood-feeding method (– indicates no sequence data available; Obsoletus complex includes C. obsoletus (Meigen) and C. scoticus Downes & Kettle)

From: Blood-feeding, susceptibility to infection with Schmallenberg virus and phylogenetics of Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from the United Kingdom

Species BINa Blood-feeding method SBV Cq value Culicoides DNA barcode
Sample ID GenBank ID BOLD process ID
C. obsoletus (Meigen) BOLD:AAO7718 Membrane 32.95 TPI:ENT:#0000313 KT186817 CUSBV066–15
Membrane 32.84 TPI:ENT:#0000314 KT186816 CUSBV067–15
Membrane 33.64 TPI:ENT:#0000315 KT186815 CUSBV068–15
Membrane 31.00 TPI:ENT:#0000316 KT186814 CUSBV069–15
Membrane 37.88 TPI:ENT:#0000319 KT186813 CUSBV072–15
Membrane 37.44 TPI:ENT:#0000320 KT186812 CUSBV073–15
Membrane 36.11 TPI:ENT:#0000321 KT186860 CUSBV074–15
Membrane 38.10 TPI:ENT:#0000322 KT186859 CUSBV075–15
Membrane 32.61 TPI:ENT:#0000323 KT186858 CUSBV076–15
BOLD:AAM6198 Membrane 31.92 TPI:ENT:#0000325 KT186863 CUSBV078–15
C. scoticus Downes & Kettle BOLD:AAZ3985 Pledglet 37.88 TPI:ENT:#0000317 KT186880 CUSBV070–15
Pledglet 33.83 TPI:ENT:#0000318 KT186881 CUSBV071–15
Obsoletus complexb Membrane 34.00
Membrane 27.12
Membrane 37.67
C. pulicaris (L.)b Membrane 28.17
Membrane 35.95
  1. aBarcode Index Numbers (BINs) [49] assigned within the Barcode of Life Database (BOLD) [39] for specimens collected within this study: specimens TPI:ENT:#0000248–TPI:ENT:#0000262; TPI:ENT:#0000264–TPI:ENT:#0000283; TPI:ENT:#0000285–TPI:ENT:#0000286; TPI:ENT:#0000288–TPI:ENT:#0000312 [GenBank: KT186808–KT186811; KT186818–KT186857; KT186861–KT186862; KT186864–KT186879]
  2. bSpecies identification based on morphology only